New Girl, Day 1

I’m absolutely terrified.

And I make terrible choices when I’m tensed. This time, I choose ugly clothes.

Pack my bag and get ready to leave.
My first day at work.
A real job. With a real boss.
Real pay, peanuts, but  hey it’s pay!
My first day at work and I’m wearing ugly clothes. No time to change. I rush.
You know that feeling, that crazy one where a thousand butterflies are hatching a conspiracy against you, that involves them kicking you on the insides of your stomach with their tiny little evil-butterfly legs?
Well, I felt nothing like that.
Just thought it could add to the drama.
One fight later (me 1, auto driver 0) I  reach work.
For a journalist, I can be a total introvert.
I meet my boss who introduces me to the team.
Heard he dropped his phone in the urinal. (Note to self: Must not shake hands with boss).
The team seems okay.
The rest of the day passes in a blur. Then comes the best part, going home.
But no. The universe was conspiring against me.
Some “bonding over dinner” business.
Despite my several well-planned attempts of escaping. I’m made to stay against my will.
Damn these journalists.
Dinner-shminner. I tag along. Boss in tow.
All this while thoughts of a certain-distant boy, a few (707.4) km away, strike me.
Well, not a big deal, just a fling after-all.
My thoughts were cut by a colleague, who decided it would be fun to talk about drunken escapades.
I should’ve realised early that was a warning sign.
Going from silent, serious and mysterious to having everyone find out about my life hardly took any time.
The plunge was easy and effortless.
But, dinner was… well… actually.. just.. DISASTROUS.
Not only did I not get to eat anything nice (some rubbish kebabs, that tasted like erasers.)
But, everyone got to know details about my life.
Forget washing dirty linen in public. I was handing out lingerie, MY lingerie for people to dry. And not the sexy kind. The kind you’d wear at home (when all the good ones are being washed) the torn kind.
Torn lingerie washed and dried.
I realised.
I was going to spend my life in a loony-bin-drama-setting. And there was nothing I could do.
From being an aloof stranger. My journey into sad-girl-with-a-recent-break-up, took less than one dinner (if you call it that).
I could’ve been anything I wanted to.
But for now.
I was the
New Girl.

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