New Girl, Day 3

I couldn’t really sleep.

Okay. That’s a lie. I did sleep. No. I did not dream about work.

Because, I forgot I was assigned a story.

I (surprisingly) wake up early. Find the need to watch some mindless TV. So I do just that.

And then, I remembered.

The usual rush, 25 minutes later. I’m ready and already screaming at auto rickshaws to stop. 

One-and-a-half exhausting minutes later. An auto driver stops. After an argument or two, a few minutes of explaining to him, how poor people like me get fleeced by cheating auto drivers (the man had a pained expression) the man said okay.

The next 30 minutes of my life are something I’d like to forget. From getting to see various sizes of boy boobs. To the reduction procedures. It took a lot of effort to not burst out laughing.

All done. I reach  work. Ready to unleash the writer in me. I write and write and write. I finally  stop at 750 words.

750 words about boy boobs.

Well, who knew.

I obviously received the honour of working on the astro page. Our man, the astrologer, had a lot in store. From singles meeting interesting people to random warnings like “be careful while cutting vegetables”.

So, I did what I could do best. Re-write people’s future.

You know, you will have to be careful with me. Try not to piss me off. Your fate lies in my hands.

Anyway, my mum’s routine call was delayed. I panicked.

But she called. Menu taken, she cut the call mid-way. I heard her scream at my pet, Jacqueline ( a 10-year-old Doberman). I think Jacky was digging up a flower-pot. 


I was free for the rest of the day. And then I  heard someone say, “give the new girl some work”.


So, I did what I could do best. Quickly found their sunsign.

And the rest is history.

After ruining my colleagues astro for the next day and a few painstakingly hours of acting busy, it was time for the dreaded meeting.

If there is one thing these meetings have taught me it is the art of looking interested. 

1)Never make eye contact. 

2)Raise your eyebrows and stare at no one in particular.

3)If that doesn’t work, take a book and scribble mindless rubbish. I prefer playing FLAMES. Such a beautiful game that is. 

Anyway, my boss asks me what’s happening on the relationship front.

The audacity of the man! And before I could think of something mean to write under his sunsign. I realised he was talking about relationships in general. He assumes that I’m a relationship expert. 

Phew. That man just saved himself from some trouble.

After what seemed like an eternity. We get to leave. 

Too tired to argue with an auto driver. I agree to pay him an extra ₹5 bucks. 

I never knew a day of doing-nothing-can-tire-you.

Just when I was getting ready to sleep, distant boy texts. 

Apparently, he’s a  hoity-toity photographer. 

I’m dying to tell him about my day. But he dozes off.


I have a nagging feeling.

Perhaps, I wasn’t the new girl at work alone.

Whether I liked it or not.

I was new girl in distant boy’s life too.


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