New Girl, Day 6

I wake up with the worst cough in the world. 

Fine. Maybe not the worst in the world. But still, the worst.

Mum rushes and immediately starts fussing over me. Miss J. is besides herself with jealousy. That dog needs to stop being such a jealous bug. She whines for attention and for once, mum ignores her.





I get to work. Coughing away my life.

Work is the usual. Astro et al. 


The only saving grace of the day, I get to leave early, for a story.

The cough gets bad, so I take one of those menthol things. Menthol in mouth, I proceed to eat my lunch.

Sometimes, when life puts you in weird situations.

Actually, when you find yourself in a tricky situation, where you have an option between eating food with a menthol in your mouth, and spitting it out. Always choose the latter.

Menthol + food = Puke.

Life, she’s a tough teacher. 

Anyway. I reach the astro part. Halfway through the page, I find that our man, the astrologer, has some great news in store for me. 

Librans: You could bump into someone you like.

Okay. I can live with that. 

Work done, I get to leave for the story.

The person I’m supposed to meet, chooses this five star hotel. 

I’ve always had trouble with these hotels and their bag scanning method.

I get so confused as to where I need to pick up my stuff.

So I quickly whisk out my phone and pretend that the world’s most important work needs to be done.

Head bowed, phone in hand I enter the hotel.

As I try to figure out where I could collect my bag, still fidgeting with my phone, I realise someone walks in front of me.

Not one to look up, I continue looking into my phone while making way for the person.

But he walks with me. Not giving me way either.


What does it take for a girl to just act busy. 

Anyway, his stupid behaviour makes me look up.

Just as I’m about to  punch his face, I freeze.

It’s HRH Distant Boy, in all his distant-glory.

I mumble something.

He says something too. 

I zone out. 

I do a mental check.

Hair, dress. shoes. Maybe the lip-balm is a little too much.


Just as I wanted to slap myself for acting like a cuckoo girl. A guy holding my bag calls me.

I’ve never felt more grateful. I rush to collect my bag.

Distant Boy proceeds to talk. 

I’ve zoned out as usual. It helps that I’ve mastered the art of looking interested while zoning out. I have years of education to thank for.

Anyway, from what I remember, the conversation with Distant Boy was about,  ”wedding shoot, wrong venue, need to rush”.

He says bye and leaves.

The interview goes well and I get home.

While the swanky interiors of the five-star was super luxurious. The happiness of returning home is unadulterated happiness. 

The familiar faces opening the door, a big dog (who stands on the sofa for the door to be opened) jumping and slobbering all over you, the smell of yummy dinner being cooked.

If this is not pure happiness, I wonder what is.

Anyway, as I get into bed I realise, irrespective of how the day  starts. It usually ends on a happy note. Much like a lot of other episodes in life.

Just when I was smiling like a fool, thinking about the delicious coffee at the expensive coffee shop.

Distant Boy messages.

Funny how we met. Happy accident.




I guess.

(The astrologer was right. The prediction worked. But he also mentioned that I would receive a promotion. Clearly, he was wrong.)

I don’t reply. I act aloof.

Nah. Just kidding. I don’t act aloof. 

Sleep just takes over.


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