New Girl, Day 7

I wake up in the middle of the freaking night. More like early-freaking morning.

It’s 3 am and besides the snoring of dear Miss J in my room, my home seems rather empty and eerily quiet.

Of course it’s 3 am, it’s not like every home has the naadaswaram playing in full volume. 

With my mum visiting her sister and my dad on tour, I have nothing better to do.

After getting myself to watch a “rather silly and extremely stupid” horror movie (my exact words before the movie started) to hiding under the blanket in fear. I realise, that I really deserve to be slapped.

My close friends, obviously fast asleep. A round of talking to their respective boyfriends, were, surely fast asleep.

Distant Boy was out of the question. This LDR is beginning to teach me much more than I even signed up for. 

Dying in fear, alone, was one of the lessons. 


So I gave in to my fears and proceed to watch TV, with the lights switched on all around the house.

From 3 am to 9 am.

If I hadn’t fallen off the couch, chances of me making it to office would’ve been bleak.

I rush to work. Leaving Jacqueline all alone at home. 

I get to work. For once, lunchless.

Troubled mother keeps calling constantly to check if I’m alive and whether I ate and of course how Miss J was doing.

You know, the thing they say about missing something when it’s gone, is complete rubbish, but also completely true. Damnit.

I sit silently through the meet. Shutting my mouth and clenching my fist, while trying to act serious. Then some idea gets tossed around and someone mentions to, “Give it to the New Girl.” 


It’s times like this that I wish I was the Nightcrawler. Actually, I wish I was Wolverine. I would get my claws out, claw that person’s face and then chill in the room. 

But real life is far better. I can avenge myself by changing their fate.  Astro was my page. Muhahahahaha.

Come to think of it, I do have supernatural powers. 

Anyway, meeting gets done, I manage to evade working on a story. But, for once, I don’t want to get home early.

Of course, the universe has to work against me, I get an autorickshaw early and the driver doesn’t argue. With next to empty roads, I reach home in less than 15 minutes. 


It was going to be like this for sometime. Mum and dad were going to get home after three days.

I can hear Miss J whine in the most disturbing manner.

Once I get home and ring the calling bell and one of Himesh Reshammiya’s rubbish (obviously) song starts playing, followed by another song from Kaho Na Pyaar Hain. 

I wince and try not to get disgusted.

Now that I’ve mentioned that god-forsaken calling bell, you should know the truth. 

My dad and Bollywood have always had a weird-connection. Whether it was the tune that played when my dad reversed his car (another Himesh creation) or the calling bell. My dad has disgusting taste when it comes to such things.

Anyway, I get home and Jacky is hyper, as usual.

Except, this time she has torn up her bed as a sign of protest.

How lovely, I wonder.

It’s almost night and I start waiting for Distant Boy’s call.

He doesn’t reply. Turns out he was out shooting a wedding.

I just wait with the phone near me. Jacky at my feet and with all the lights switched on in the house.

 No message or call.

As I keep waiting for the phone to ring, I fall asleep.

I just didn’t know that all this waiting was going to cost me a lot more.

Peace of mind and a piece of my heart.

Not in that order and not literally though.

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