New Girl:Day 10

Yes. It’s the New Year. Already.

If those crazy party photos that a zillion facebook friends uploaded is not enough proof, the “see you next year” messages sure are. Sigh.

I still am contemplating about uploading my share of New Year photos, but that’s not really the point that I was going to talk about.

The New Year brings with it some crazy (I-don’t-know-the-appropriate-reaction) news. Apparently, Distant Boy might not stay Distant boy for much longer. He could move back to the city.

As much as that news makes me happy, excited, the whole butterflies-in-the-stomach-drill it also scares me.  What will I do now? Distant Boy seemed like a perfect, cool name. What would he be now? Close boy? Just another boy?

That wasn’t my main concern though, well, it could have been, but it isn’t. Maybe it is.

As I sit and take in that information, I realise that I’ve bitten my nails to the point that anymore biting could render them useless and non-existent. Panic sets in slowly.

In between my awesome astrology-writing skills (no seriously, I’m planning to update my resume. Skills: Can write kick-ass astrology (Though, technically it’s supposed to be “predicts astrology”, in my case I usually write) for people and things she’s never seen or met.)

Anyway, getting back to the point.

It’s a scary thing.You know, adjusting to change (even the money kind of change is difficult to handle. Too many notes or too many coins and always very little space in the wallet)So how are we to go about this now?

Are we supposed to go to parties together? But where will we find the time? I’d need to juggle my part-time astrologer, journalist and reception duties. Learn to drive back home (take that auto-drivers) and a lot more, How would I make time for Distant Boy?

Could he take time out for me from his busy schedule? Should he take time out? And the most essential question of all, would he take time out?

Sigh. So many questions and not an answer. Stupid new beginnings.

As I panic and toss and turn. No amount of nail-biting seems to help.

Even astro-man’s predictions are of no use. Read legal documents thoroughly before signing new projects, he warns. Sigh. Is there a legal document to these kind of things? No? Well, there should be.

So, I panic my way into the New Year, apart from working late, arguing with auto-drivers and trying to be nice to people.

You know what they say about, what you do on the first day of the New Year is what you usually continue doing the rest of the year?

On that stupid note, I wonder if the year is going to be a lot like how it started; getting drunk, dancing to C-grade Bollywood songs and the most important thing of all, starting the year with Distant Boy.

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