Sanity, sleep and a lot of other things

So I go through these crazy mood swings. Oh wait that’s not new? Sigh.


It’s 12 at night. By that I obviously meant 12 am. Anyway, as I logged into the internet, that ever faithful next-door-gossipy-neighbour of a website, yahoo opened up. Apparently, Karishma Kapoor and Ajay Devgan (oh wait is it dvgn? or devgn) were dating.What?! Seriously?! Now that I have wasted a few precious seconds of your life, that will never come back, ever, again. I shall proceed to waste a few more.

Well, you know how losing J has kinda put me back on the being-mental train ( I can give Salman Khan some competition, you know how he has Being Human? I have being -mental. No? Don’t get it? Not funneh? *insert sad emoticon* . My useless trivia related to Bollywood baffles me). Staying awake late into the nights is one of the side effects of the sadness. 

Anyway, as I sit up at this god-forsaken hour, it apparently is 1.51 am now, I realise that a lot like my sanity, I’ve lost my sleep too. 

As if that wasn’t enough to complicate things, I realised, that I was in that zone of  life, that 20 somethings rant about, a rather terrible thing, at least that’s what they say,  quarter-life crisis. Why do all terrible scary things happen at god-forsaken hours? 

So in between begging for lives on that Rascal Candy Crush. (Take my life already), to randomly hating people, I manage to keep myself quite busy. 

And then I realised that, I’ve gotten well-versed with a lot of things related to depression. Apart from making up my very famous and path-breaking five stages of depression, I could also get a PhD in the five stages of grief too (denial, anger and the lines of it). All thanks to Google. After diagnosing myself with depression and a little bit of all the other diseases that Google said I might have, and a bit of  Alzheimer’s, I panic for a while before other important matters take precedence.

You know one thing I’ve realised after playing Candy Crush? Fellow Candy Crushers are far more compassionate than anyone you’d know.

Help someone in need late in the night? Nah-uh, I’m busy.
Need a life at 2 am, sending one right away. Thank you fiends!

Anyway, that’s not what I want to rant about right now, because I’m still waiting for a life to be sent on Candy Crush. I was wondering about work and Distant Boy. I’m telling you, only scary thoughts come to my head late at night. Work, a story saved for later.

It was Distant Boy’s birthday. he was trying to act all cool and nonchalant. And what was I doing? I obviously was panicking nine ways to Sunday (which also happens to be his birthday day). So I started working (as usual)  to get him gifts just the week before his birthday. 

Being the awesome person I am, I managed everything on time. 

Anyway, long story short. I ended up giving Distant Boy a book that I had given him last year. 

Birthday ended and I ended up driving more than I had imagined.

Getting back to the point,

Dear Distant Boy, I know that’s it’s far easier to message and call and ask you whether you liked your birthday and the glorious gifts that you received (haha… including that very expensive cake. Wouldn’t you agree, buyer-of-said expensive cake?) and that I’ve also, already done that. But, once again, I hope you had a great birthday. Of course you did. I was there, so it would’ve been awesome. I’m really sorry, I  need to work on my modesty skills. 

Anyway, Distant Boy’s birthday has taught me a lot of lessons. Actually four to be precise.

1)Buy your loved ones a lot of gifts. Yeah yeah, give them all things non-materialistic, but, buy them some materialistic goodies too. They’ll love it.

2)Keep a track of all the gifts you give them, so as to not repeat gifts year after year after year.

3)Make sure you eat the cupcakes before the sweltering heat melts the fondant off  and makes the cat figurine look like a corpse. 

4) And the best lesson of all, always, always, check the price of a cake before ordering it. (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Happy Birthday Distant Boy.

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