Dear Astroman

Dear Astroman*,

I know not many know you. They might be reading, following and believing your daily predictions. But what they don’t know is the hell we go through while editing your predictions. Please explain, ‘You put thrust on thriving romantic relationship on emotions than on passions’, to a normal person and see how they react. Anyway, I’m not writing this to complain about you or to make fun of you, for putting us through that prediction-hell. I’m writing this because of that sneaky cryptic message that you left about yourself in one of the predictions a few weeks ago.

I was meaning to write about this earlier, but I got caught up with a lot of things.

Sadly for A, she was working on the astro-page that day. It was my weekly off and so I found out much, much later. When she got to the prediction of Virgo, she found a line that said something like, “My life is very sad now and I feel like crying badly”. Now, from what I know of you,  you’re not the kind who jokes. Maybe you did joke then. But since I’ve already typed out so much, I figured why stop. Anyway, you owe me this.

Astroman, sometimes we all go through the lows in life. You of all people should know that. Just like the prediction for Geminis recently read that things could go bad. Over the days it turned out that Geminis were not going to have a bad day after all as they were going to “reap financial benefits”. The same holds true for you and all those who belong to your sun sign.

Whatever is/was bothering you and was making “you cry badly” will soon go away. You probably couldn’t predict this, but I’ve been editing your predictions since 2 years now and I’ve seen “singles get cheated in love” turn to “singles will find a (another) special someone”. So those singles are enough proof that sad things can turn into happy ones overnight.

I’ve had a long day at work. I drove through traffic, controlled the urge to scream a few nasty words. I had a tough time parking my vehicle and came home very, very tired. But, right now, as I write this, I’m sitting and having an extremely cold glass of what is apparently from “a bottle of happiness”, in others words coca-cola. Life seems really cool, that or maybe it’s just the coca-cola. Either ways, it’s good.

If you’ve been feeling like crying badly or whatever it was that you wrote. Then I guess you should do just that. Like all the zillion posts that have been written about crying, it does feel awesome. But don’t make it a habit. It’ll become hard to break. Plus we don’t need you predicting depressed stuff for all of us. Keep the chakras happy (I have no idea what this means, but just go with the flow).

Astroman, we’ve all had our ups and downs. But isn’t that just how things have always been? That’s how they’ll always be too. So, I reckon, though everyone at work will hate me for this, that you get back to sending us crazy predictions like, ahem, *cough* *cough* “You are likely to make use of body to give happiness to others” or “A hit may be a near miss for an expected gain”. 

You might not have predicted this, but there is hardly a day when your predictions don’t bring a smile to our face or tears to our eyes (due to the excess laughter). So go and seize the day. You should follow your own advice and “Open your heart wide and let your inner child out for a spell.”

                                                                                                                                                     Yours not-so-predictable,


*Astroman is the person who predicts the sun signs at work.

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