Little big things.

Have you ever just stuck noise-cancellation ear-phones in your ears? No music, in my case it wasn’t even connected to a device. Have you ever done that? As I worked against the little voice of common sense that repeatedly screamed at me, surprising that  I could even hear the voice against my grandmother’s loud announcement of the menu at her place. I continued to stuff the ear-phones in a bid to mute the voices around me.

Sigh. Family can drive you mad. In my case, deaf too.

As I tried desperately to cut off from the constant chatter, when I could simply get back to my room and revel in the peace, ammamma just went on and on about this serial she’s watching. According to it, the heroine kills someone. Later she marries another guy. So the guy she marries is (no prices for guessing) the dead man’s brother and he’s here to take revenge on the girl. The girl finds out and now, she’s taking revenge on the dead-man’s brother. I could see my mum’s face go from interested to I-don’t-understand what is happening in two seconds. Pappy kept giving weird advice on the right kind of detergent to use. In two minutes I heard all about revenge and also got life-altering advice on the right kind of detergent to use. My family behaves very weirdly sometimes or every time. More like every time, every single time.

Anyway, it’s been more than a week since I’ve written. All those damned words have been swirling in my head at all the wrong times. I had also made use of those words and formed perfectly poignant, life-altering lines to write, but obviously I have zero memory of that.

Getting back to the point. Sometimes my family does extremely mental things that can annoy me. But then, they go and do something so adorable, that I conveniently forget that I wanted to punch them, two seconds ago. 

A few days earlier, Pappy saw me struggle while filling ink in my pen (does this sound dirty? Or is it just me?) either ways, I was innocently filling ink in the pen and since the syringe that I use to fill ink with went missing (I refuse to use an ink filler) I was pouring the ink into the ink-carriage of the pen, directly. Long story short, I spilled ink everywhere and my tiny nails started turning blue.


Anyway, mummy and pappy had left to Bombay that evening. And as I went to bed, tired of doing work that otherwise I wouldn’t, I noticed a brand new syringe. Now, if you take this line out of context and read it just like that, it makes me sound like an *cough* *ahem* addict.

Despite laughing at my misery Pappy bought me a syringe. It was one of the sweetest thing and most important, a very thoughtful gesture that someone had done for me. My mum kept calling me at intervals of what seemed like 5 minutes to check if my cough had worsened. 

It’s not just family. Sometimes friends happen to take a break from being mental and just turn adorable. Must you all set standards so high?

For example, it could be that one friend who ALWAYS, ALWAYS, hears you out. She patiently lets you tell her the entire story while you sob to your heart’s content. She goes an extra-mile and leaves you notes on your desk, even if it is a simple ‘Thank-you for the presents’ note. Even if she tore it off her diary and left  it on your desk. Especially if she tore it out of her diary.

Or it could be that one friend who without even being asked, comes home for a sleep-over during all those times that you’re alone at home. That friend even calls you to check if you would like some cookies or a sub. Styupid.

That friend, who no matter when you call up, will listen to you and patiently deals with your madness. The friend who makes it a point to call you on every single off of yours, if only to scold you and check on you. 

It could also be that friend who knows all of your secrets. From that weird guy you had a crush on till your last “real-relationship”. The friend who can call out on your bull-shit and surprisingly gives you life-changing advice in the most weird possible way.

That one friend who knows the exact right words to cheer you up and who will always be ready to accompany you on your shopping trips. That friend, despite being younger than you, will sometimes make you wonder whether a wise old soul resides in her (right now as she reads this I know she’ll be freaking out because I mentioned wise-old-soul residing in her) HAHAH.

And lastly that one friend, who does everything in their power to see you smile. Whether it is randomly stopping near your work-place on the pretext of drinking coconut water (hahaha. *pervert alert*.) or cleaning up your puke. Who makes it a point to barge into the boys bathroom which you have shamelessly entered, because you couldn’t control your urge to throw-up. 

We all go through life waiting for the big things (hahahahah… big things) to happen. Larger than life emotional moments, flowers (though I think giving people flowers should be made mandatory), grand gestures of love et al. And in that madness, we often miss out on the little things people do for us.

Whether it is your grandmum screaming out the twisted plot of her serial, your 5-year-old cousin sending you cryptic messages through his mum’s phone in the middle of the night, a certain-someone getting you a pink-pig for your keychain, just because they know HOW much you love pigs. Or your mum constantly worrying if you’ve had lunch. Every little thing matters.

It might not seem like a big deal. But you know what? It always is.

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