A rather quiet dinner.

Hi,  it’s been a while since I wrote to you.  I hope you’re doing fine.

I’m going to keep this post rather short. 
I went out for dinner with a dear friend. It was just something we both needed to do.  As we sat at a booth in that empty pub, it felt so weird.  Aren’t pubs supposed to be thriving with activity? It also didn’t matter. In fact,  we were grateful for the silence and the fact that no one seemed to care. It felt so nice to be away from the mad rush of the world,  that was separated from us by a door.

While we were discussing about things,  inside that slightly warm,  slightly cold pub,  there was a slight drizzle outside and the world was changing. Changing in its own way.  Growing up and growing better. 

Our food got cold,  not the conversation… not once.  Sitting there,  at that moment,  not being bothered about anything or anyone…  seemed  like a fine thing to do.

Perhaps she was right,  we’re at a good place in life,  it’s just a bad phase.

In the end,  it’s all going to be okay.

So smile.

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