Ow. Ow. Ow.


It buzzed in my ear.

Trrrrrrrr…. or something like that. I barely managed to open my eyes. The bright stupid light from my phone was screaming out at me. I blinked, hoping it would go away. 

Long story short, I was awake by 5.52 am. As I sleepily dragged myself out of bed, there was a weird excitement. First day of school jitters, happy-love-butterflies in the stomach and all of that. But, little did I know, 24 minutes later I would be panting and puffing. My first day at the gym and I’m absolutely… loving it… Not.

Hi, are you still sleeping? You can’t answer that obviously. But wake up. NOW. 

My mum was all cheery and chirpy. As I drove in silence to the gym (yes, yes, the irony of it all) I reached… within no time. Damnit.

Introductions, blah, blah so on and so forth. I went from being happily sleeping in bed to working my ass off, all within a span of 24 minutes. 1,440 seconds was all it took.

No, there weren’t any cute boys and even if there were any, I couldn’t care less. The pain that slowly began consuming me was beyond anything. Who knew your body could ache in every nook and corner.

Have you heard that line from The Perks of being a Wallflower? That beautiful line?


And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

I swear. In that minute, I was infinite. Oh wait, the pain was infinite . The 15 minutes that I was supposed to walk/run/save my life was infinite. It didn’t seem to end. I didn’t think it would ever end. My legs were on the verge of giving up, when I saw a 18-something kid exercise like his life depended on it. I was obviously, not motivated. I continued to walk like a wounded dog.

Heartbreak… I laughed in my head (laughing out loud would just make me seem crazy) it was just the heart that hurt. Here every fragment of my body was silently weeping. 

I turned and found an old, bald man stare at me. As he increased the speed on his treadmill, while changing the TV channel to a business news one, he disdainfully looked at me. As I followed his judgmental eyes, I realised Sonam Kapoor was gyrating and making weird expressions on MTv… all this is mute. 

Sigh. I continued to walk when I was supposed to run.

After what seemed like eternity, it was finally time to go home.

As I painfully, winced while taking baby steps out of the gym, I couldn’t wait to rush back home. 

As soon as I started the car, Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing blasted out in full swing.

Cold, cold water bring me ’round,
Now my feet won’t touch the ground,
Cold, cold water what you say?
It’s such, it’s such a perfect day, it’s such a perfect day.


Oh Chris Martin… only if you knew.



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