Too old to love?

People in need are often much more closer than they appear. - Anisha Dhiman.

People in need are often much more closer than they appear. – Anisha Dhiman.

Hello, how are you?

I missed my gym session today. I could barely walk, my parents felt so bad, that they even dropped me at work. They waited patiently outside the gate till I safely climbed the stairs and got inside.

The emptiness of the office was so calming, just what I needed after the gruelling 13-minutes of climbing up the 8 or 9 stairs.

We got a call in the morning. The constant ringing was so annoying. Due to my temporary handicap, I was out of the running to pick the call. My dad sighed and picked the phone. The speaker on the other side was quite loud. It was a slightly shrill voice, a family friend had called.

This particular woman, had lost her husband a few years ago, with no children, she now lived alone.

She hadn’t spoken to us in a long time. Recently back from a trip abroad, I assumed she called to tell us all about it. After 10-minutes of hmms and huhs. My dad hung up. The friend who had called up was planning to shift to a home-for-the-aged. The loneliness was too much to bear. It was her choice, but what I’m about to tell you wasn’t her choice.

Yesterday, ‘A’ was working on a story. As I stepped into office, she was busy typing away what seemed like a 500-word article. Turns out it was 877. I can be so wrong sometimes.

The story was about 19-year-old Jasper who helped a homeless, frail old lady, Padmavathi. She was hurt in an accident and was lying in the same area on the road for the past five days. Her three children had apparently abandoned her and after the accident, no one, not one person from the hundreds who passed by helped her.

There is no right thing to do. But, imagine spending the final years of your life alone and unloved.

People are flawed. They do crazy things. A few are terrible parents, a few terrible children.

But is abandoning anyone justified?

I’ll let you decide.

P.S: Here is the link to the story (

Incase you want to donate clothes to Padmavathi, please feel free to send me a message.

Also, Padmavathi, is now happy at a place where someone cares for her.

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