Gym Diaries: Day 4 – Fall.


As you read this, I’m sitting in the balcony and watching the daylight turn dimmer. Apart from the random honking and the faint cries of a baby piercing the silence, nothing disrupts the calm. How was your day? I hope it was great! I fell down yesterday at home. It was such a funny sight, I laughed and then when it started hurting, I couldn’t hold back the tears. Sigh.

Wait, somebody’s at the door… My mum. She just came back from work. In about five minutes she will start telling me about her day, so I better wrap up fast.

A few hours ago, precisely 3 am, I opened my eyes. I realised there was still sometime to go to the gym so I went back to bed. After five minutes I opened my eyes. It was 8.20 am. I staggered out of bed.

I quickly got ready and drove to the gym. Due to the terrible pain, they changed my exercise plan and I started working on new and weirder machines. There is one, that, well…. if I had to give it a name, I’d call it the groin-tearer. Because it does just that. It looked so weird. And guess what? It turned out to be painful. I’m warning you. Should you ever join the gym, look out for the groin-tearer. Because it’ll do just that.

While I was on that step-up machine, a random thought got into my head. It made me sad. I pushed it away, because, well, because this was my time and my time alone. No space for anything else. I might have been a tad bit enthusiastic about the workout, I ‘step-uped’ a little too fast. I swear I thought I would fall off. I kept falling because my legs were hurt. My muscles sore. But I knew, that a week more of gyming and the pain would be gone. I would get fitter.

We all fall so many times in life. We’ve fallen, when we almost thought we could reach that goal or that particular love. We give up when the pain is unbearable. Maybe that’s life’s way of telling us to hold on…because we’re just getting stronger. I realised it was too much philosophy and so I continued to concentrate on standing still on my feet.

As I walked back to my car, the road seemed alive. It was 10.06 am. There was traffic and many people. I felt alive too.

I got into the car and this time, I switched off the music player. I didn’t want to hear anything. I drove in silence. That was a lesson itself.

Oh, I see my mum walking towards me with a cup of tea.

For now, I have to go.

Tea and mum await me

               Love always,


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