Gym diaries: Day 5 – Dance.


Whadduuupp? I’m still reeling under the effects of the rap song that was playing at the gym. Yes, I went to the gym, yes, I worked out. And yes, I’m still limping.

Today, I had to give a fitness test that I might have failed with minus marks. Post that test, it was the usual, cardio. I love how, I can now can freely use words like cardio and weight-training without sounding foolish.

Exercise-smexcercise. I said smexercise. Not sexcercise. You pervert. How has your morning been? Are you running on schedule? I’m sorry for making you sound like a train.

So today, I decided to increase my pace based on the songs playing. After ignoring a few rubbish songs, they started playing Gangnam style. I’m not really a fan of that song, but hey, it’s fast and makes you want to dance. So I increased my pace on the tread-mill. Then there was some rap song and I walked faster. After a couple of fast songs, when I was almost running, they played Michael Jackson’s, Heal the World. I slowed down so suddenly that I almost rolled out of the treadmill. Thankfully, I held on to the handles. Fun fact: The first time I heard Heal the World was when I was 7 years old. I asked who the lady singer was. Yes, I did that. Sorry MJ.

Anyway, post my tread-mill session, I was asked to pedal the cycle machine. So I did that. A word of advise: Never, ever, ever peek into somebody else’s exercise machine. While I was cycling with the feeling of an Olympian who is just about to win the race, I checked my neighbour’s cycle. After what seemed like I had traveled a distance of 300 km, it was just 1 km. Neighbour girl on the other hand, cycled 25 km in 10 minutes.

I shut up. Turned away and continued to exist in cycling hell.

After an hour of pushups, weights and killing my body, I was almost ready to leave. Oh, since I’m on medication for my migraine, I don’t get to do heavy-weights. Apparently, it can trigger a migraine attack.

Talking about a migraine attack, I was quite high after the exercises. The step-up machine was the only thing left. As I started working out on it in full swing, I started seeing colours. They were so beautiful. It took me 10 minutes to realise that a migraine episode was just about to unleash itself. I stopped quickly, drank water and calmed down.

Gyming session done, I limped back like an old wounded old dog. Oh by the way, there is a dog near the gym. Let’s call her Gym Girl. She doesn’t care about my existence. But I make it a point to say hi to her. It’s always the same routine. She raises her head, then her eyebrows, looks at me, as if acknowledging a lowly being and then goes back to sleep. She’s quite fit.

I quickly got out of the gym and walked towards my car.

I was introduced to this Korean girl-band by ‘A’. She in turn was introduced to it by another friend, who is also called ‘A’. The band is called SM TOWN.

The song I like is  crazy. It’s called, Bring the boys out.

I’m feeling on top of the world. The workout was awesome and I’m feeling stronger than ever. So here, I’ll tell you what SM TOWN told everyone.

Girls’ Generation make you feel the heat,
And we’re doin’ it we can’t be beat,
Bring the boys out. B-Bring the boys out.

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