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I waited at the slightly dark and positively empty café.  Some random movie was being screened on the huge screen. The lights form the screen was reflected on the three people there. Barista 1, Barista 2 and me.

It was 10 minutes to 8 pm. I was impatiently tapping my foot.  Every time the door opened I thought it was you.  After what seemed like an era you walked in.

It’s funny how sometimes,  we don’t realise the effort people put into things.  As you adorably read out all the typos in my blog posts,  it was difficult not to smile.  The fact that you were reading out the mistakes made me realise that you read up on them. I wanted to both punch you (for not spotting the errors earlier) and give you a bone crushing hug. I’m quite capable of that, what with 6 days of gyming and all.

After what seemed like five minutes (36 minutes had actually passed) we decided to order food.  I was starving.

Once the barista left you made your move.

As I looked away, fumbling about something while fidgeting with my bag, you were checking something in a white cover that you had brought.

After I finished doing whatever I was doing with my bag I looked up.  You were smiling.  On the table were  not one,  but two boxes. Two boxes staring at me. I knew what was inside them. I couldn’t conceal my happiness.  It was something I wanted from a long,  long time.

Even though I knew it was coming,  I never realised that it would happen so soon.

Anyway,  as I impatiently opened the boxes,  inside them were precious… my precious, favourite… bottles of deep blue ink. Something that was out of stock in most of the places.

I quickly took a sniff of it, the familiar smell of ink.  Fast forward from there up until now  and I’m here sitting and writing this to you.

As I greedily fill the ink in the pen, staining my fingers in the process, I feel very happy.

We might not always get what we ask for, when we want it.

But when we do… it always leaves an indelible mark on our hearts.

 Love always,


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