Act 1.

The smell of a mosquito coil is slowly making its way towards me.  The crick, crick, crick of the crickets is the only sound that is noticeable.  The honking of the vehicles and the low murmur of people is all pushed to the background.

There’s a slight chill in the air and a man clears his throat. That noise annoys me.  I look around,  the chairs are slowly filling in. In four minutes,  if everything is on schedule, the play that I’m sitting here to watch will start.

I can hear my stomach growl. I have a half-melted chocolate bar in my pocket but I have no intention of eating it.  I crave for something spicy.

The only beings that seem to have a good time are the mosquitoes that are currently devouring me. I try to batter them to death, but they’re faster than I give them credit for.

I close my eyes and try to take in all that’s happening around me. I find silence unbearable sometimes. Just like I despise noise. Can’t we ever find a middle ground?

My moment of reflection is broken by a couple who choose to sit beside me. They wait for me to move and I silently give way.

The rest of the 32-odd minutes were a blur but the loud voices of the actors kept my mind from straying.

Once the curtains closed, I left.

I’m home now and well …

I’m home.

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