Gym Diaries: Day 10 – Killing it.



As I woke up and checked the time, the light screamed in my face. It was 8.15 am ughh… sunlightttt kill meee. My friend had come over for a sleepover, she was sleeping like a baby, I would’ve liked to punch her, but I decided not to use my strength on her, Muhahaaha. After what seemed like 5 minutes, it was 9.50 am , time sure flies quickly.

Today was an accomplishment. I finished TEN days of going to the gym, two digit numbers. Yes. I thought I should treat myself to a day of not-going-to-the-gym, but my mum wouldn’t hear of it. *insert sad smiley*

I’m going to try and keep this post short, just like my work-out session… thankfully. I would’ve liked to tell you how painless it was, working out that is, but I would be lying.

I worked out with this huge iron stick and though it sounds like I was pole dancing it wasn’t even close. Besides I would look like a pig trying to climb a pole if I ever attempted to pole dance, let’s try not to go there now. Gym Girl was missing, perhaps she takes a break on Sunday. You never know.

My trainer has started sending me messages, I have a sneaky feeling that she doesn’t trust me enough. She texts to check if I’m going to grace the gym with my presence or not. Anyway, at one point I thought I would drop dead, but my trainer couldn’t care less. She let me burn in work-out hell.

Get past all that and an hour had already passed. I had to run to my car, I was getting late to office. Yes, I work on a Sunday… but hey I at least don’t have Monday blues because my weekly off is on a Monday. HAHA.

I drove home quickly.

Another day and I survived the gym

I went, I conquered (hardly) and I returned a pained winner.
But a winner nevertheless.

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