Moments of magic

Right now,  I’m sitting in my car,  waiting for the silly song on the radio  to finish.  I’ve ignored my nosy watchman’s worried looks.  I continue to sit along with the emptiness in my car. 

The song gets done and the next song starts.  It’s even sillier,  I stay on. I just had an ice-cream and the taste still lingers in my mouth. Since I anyway decided to stay back,  I thought, why not contemplate life.  So I did. 

I had a long,  long,  day at work. The week has been tiresome too,  but I always allow myself to be pleasantly surprised by  life and you know what? I never return  disheartened.

The ebb and flow of life always fascinates me. Sometimes we’re low and the next moment will almost always be better. Take for example me.  I wasn’t having a great week,  I didn’t want to hang out with friends but I was forced to and then something inconsequential occurred.  It turned my day and the days to come, into a happy mess… and I was fine with it. I went along,  did not fight it and it all felt nice.

We have terrible moments,  moments of self-doubt and much more. But, I realised,  whether it’s a gentle peck on your cheek or a hearty laughter after a long  day at work…
Life will give you tiny,  tiny moments of magic on an otherwise starless night… on the condition that you allow it to do so.

One thought on “Moments of magic

  1. I’ve lived this moment many times and it’s a peaceful meditation. The space between the paragraphs, the inhale and exhale space that’s necessary. it’s wonderful to take a break and just enjoy that place.

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