2 and 5

My birthday week has officially started and since I was panicking a little about growing older… here’s a list of 25 things that I’ve learnt (and can remember) over the years. 25, because it’s significant.

Over the years,  the heartbreaks, both by boys as well as life,  left me staring out of cars, while a sad song played. But somebody or the other kept changing the songs, in the process, ruining my moment. So, I got back to reality. Sigh.

Here’s the list. Be patient and read through, or don’t.

1) No matter how many nightmares you have,  the day one comes true,  it will still leave you powerless. But,  courage will find a way.

2) Learn to drive and once you do,  never take it for granted.  You won’t have to argue with auto-drivers or threaten to beat them up (haha, just kidding,  arguing with auto-drivers is our birthright).

3) Learn to swear and learn that shit well.

4) Write, write a lot.  Painfully chronicle everything that happens in your life.  Every loss,  every success.  Every heartbreak,  every new relationship.  You’ll look back over the years and learn that there is a balance in life.  For everything lost,  something will be gained.

It’s not worth throwing up all the way back home or in a restroom for men.  No.  Just no. Try tequila instead.

6) Take plenty of photos,  but also capture moments with your eyes.  Don’t let beautiful moments just remain in your memory card or your FB profile or instagram or any other damn app.

7) Go ahead,  order an extra Tiramisu serving,  do it already!

8) It’s okay to smile in between the worst phase of your life.

9) Read a lot.  Every story you read will become a part of you. Except the horror ones. *shudder*

10) Not everything is your fault. Don’t let them make you believe that.

11) If you lose your spectacles,  get a new one ASAP.  You  look like a squinting duckling with your face into the computer screen. Minus the cuteness.

12) Believe, that one day,  you’ll have enough space in your heart to adopt another animal.

13) Time might heal wounds.  But, you’ll never forget how it felt. Memories might get a little worn out,  but the love will remain the same . It’s both a curse and a boon.

14) Learn to love spending time with family and friends,  but also learn to be alone.

15) Heartbreaks will hurt,  but I promise you, it’ll also make for a great story one day. Bad kisses demand to be told to the world.

16) Don’t let frogs fool you into kissing them, unless you want to. Then go ahead and start a kiss fest. Just kidding, don’t do that.

17) Buy something expensive,  you’ll (hopefully) learn to value your money and your investment.

18)Take care of a pet.  You’ll learn that responsibility is not easy.  You’ll also have to clean up their poop.  You’ll stay humble,  I promise you will. Or have a kid or something. Whatever you want.

19) Don’t fear the darkness. Face your worst fears. Or just switch on the light or light a candle. (this might not hold true after a horror movie, at such times, keep the damn light burning)

20) Dolls are creepy. Jokers are scary, but they are humans (I mean people dressed as jokers). Repeat after me, don’t scream, squirm or punch a (man/woman dressed as a) joker.

21) If life gives you limes, give them to your grandmother. She’ll make lime pickle.

22) You CAN have your cake and eat it too. If someone says otherwise, eat their share as well.


24) Stay safe in whatever you do. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

25) You can grow older, taller, fatter or thinner. Whatever you do don’t let the child inside you die (yes, expecting mothers can use this advice as well. I’m creeped out). And never forget to love yourself first.

Go, seize the day. Or the night. Or the evening. Seize whatever you want (not living beings). Sorry, I need to brush up my funneh skills.

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