I partied all night, and hence the delay in posting this.

Okay, I’m sorry. I wasn’t partying. I was at home with friends and family and I was a little too tired. Yes… age. Sigh.

Have you turned 25? If you have, you’d know how it feels. If you don’t, let me guide you you newbie. So, with all the new found experience and wisdom of growing a year older, I shall tell you this. It doesn’t feel ANY different.

My birthday eve did not have the big bang (hehe) that I thought it would start with. I slowly, calmly, stepped into another year, sober and stuffed with food, with two friends, my parents, an aunt and my grandmother.

But, the calls, the wishes, the gifts, the letter and thankfully not the same greeting card (haha V, you know what I’m taking about) did make up for everything else.

In the spirit of turning 25, I’d have loved to put up a list of 25 precious things, but the list is, frankly, too long (Yes, ‘S’ you shameless, you are on the list). And I just woke up… what, go shorty it’s my birthday!? *puppy eyes*

I obviously, terribly, missed my little puppy J. But I’d like to imagine that she’s always watching over us and our food. And maybe, wishing that she was with us. Nothing has ever been the same, perhaps, she took a piece of our heart with her.

So, it’s a new day. A new number added(I’m talking about my age, not weight *straight face*) hopefully I shall find some wisdom. Sigh.

You know what? 25 might seem like a big number, well, it is a big number.
But it’s also JUST a number.

Love always,

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