25 now.

I’m 25 years, 0 months and 3 days young (yeah, yeah trying to be positive and all that.)
That alone should tell you how much wisdom I have accumulated in the past 3 days. The answer is zilch, zero, nada, nothing.

So, it has been a rather overwhelming week. The wait for my birthday, my birthday itself and all the amazing people who, despite extremely busy schedules, made sure they met me… everything has been surreal. This is not going to be a very long post, *cough* *cough*  I try to write as much, which at my old-age is quite difficult . Haha. The quality of my jokes have become better with time and age.

Anyway, there is a little Robin, the bird with the red butt, sitting in my balcony and chirping. I ask her to be soft, she continues chirping like she doesn’t hear me. A friend of hers joins her and both of them are currently chirping away, one louder than the other. The breeze, the calm at home, the Robins and the sound of the balloon that just burst, everything takes me back in the past… precisely three days ago.

It’s funny how one day you’re 24 and the next you’re busy reaching a new milestone. My birthday was nothing like what I expected. It was like entering a new place, slowly, calmly and this time I was breathing. I was aware, it wasn’t a rush.

I received…

  • Not one,but five letters, all hand written; four written with ink pens, one with a calligraphy pen. But, all five written with a lot of love.
  • Three books, books that have a huge significance in my life; two of which are, The Tale of the Rose by Consuelo De Saint Exupery and Ruskin Bond’s first book, The Room on the Roof, he was just 17 when he wrote it.
  • Two ink pens, one that carries with it history and stories from his past, one that is waiting to be part of my stories.
  • A frame of all the good  times I’ve had with friends, a bag full of goodies.
  • And the very best of all… three sketches. One of the Little Prince, the cartoon strip Cyanide and Happiness and crazy sketches of the brain, heart, butterfly and that ridiculously-adorable gall bladder inspired from The Awkward Yeti.
  • Oh and many, many, calls. One particular call, where a certain ‘S’ reminded me, 6 times in two calls, loudly, how much she loves me.

When I got home in the evening, I found my dad in the living room. My mum, well, she was standing on a stool and trying  to attach a bunch of balloons on the wall. It was all so endearing. Obviously my brother isn’t at home and J, well, you know it all too well. I guess, the family will forever be incomplete without her.

I didn’t ask for any of it. I certainly didn’t expect anything.

Sometimes, after a worrisome day, all the wrinkles seem to magically smoothen themselves out. I was feeling jittery on the eve of my birthday, right now being 25 doesn’t feel any different, but when I was 24 (haha) it felt like a big deal.

The red-butt Robin is back in the balcony, as if to gently remind me that it’s a Monday. That it’s three days after my birthday… perhaps I should return to the present.

I’m 25 and it can sometimes seem scary. But I’ll tell you this…
If growing older means, being surrounded by friends and family every single time…
I’ll gladly do it…
25 times all over again.

Love always,

P.S: I try not to put up too many photos, but I’ll make an exception this time. Here’s to you.

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