Diwali, yes the festival of lights and sound, is here and I’m excited because that means we get a holiday.

It’s been a weird week. My brain is playing this silly game and I’m caught between feeling extremely happy and sad. Stupid oscillations of emotions.

Getting back to Diwali, I’ve never been that kid who loved to burst crackers. I was the one who was eco-friendly. Haha. No. I wasn’t eco-friendly as much as I was scared. I would burst crackers meant for wimps like me, sparklers and the likes. My cousins and my brother were cooler. They would burst “bombs” and “rockets” that would always threaten to go off in the wrong direction. So a major portion of Diwali was always spent trying to evade those mis-direction bombs. I’ll tell you this, it was quite a challenge.

This year it’s going to be a rather boring Diwali. Boring, because my brother and cousins that I grew up with aren’t here. And the two tiny cousins here are frightened pups.

I don’t really miss the crackers, but I do miss the fun. Watching my brother go and light the crackers and then, trying to save our eardrums from dying. My cousin (she’s the braver one)  lighting those weird crackers that would echo throughout the lane for 20 minutes.

And obviously, the ever-cool Miss J. She was unlike any other dog. She couldn’t care more if you burst a cracker near her (I assure you we didn’t). She was never scared, nor bothered by the noise. She just needed us to be at home and she would be fine. I used to think she was deaf for the longest time, but after we got her tested, I realised she just didn’t care to respond to me  *feeling sad*

It’s funny how moments become memories. Last Diwali, I was busy giving Jacqueline a bath so that we could get ready for a photo session. And here I am, writing about it, all in the past tense

Anyway, today I had lunch at this terrible Mexican food joint. The tacos were, well, disgusting. But it felt nice (not the food. I meant the company)

It’s funny how every phase of life takes and still brings something nice to us. Right now, an essential part of my family might be away from home…
But my friends make up for it.

Happy Diwali,
Love always,

One thought on “Diwali

  1. Diwali was one of my favourite memories from when I lived in London 💚💚 There was so much love, energy, happiness, carefree, dancing, smiling, laughing, everyone was having a beautifully magical night 😊


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