The winds are good,  the sun is out and the sea is calm today,
So what if it seems too safe, for now  just trust life’s way.

I had a fairly long day and good friend migraine accompanied me today. I’m home now and as the migraine loosens its grip on me…  I look back and I think of you. You, who has been feeling nervous and you, who has been worried about all the goodness that has been coming your way.

I find it funny. When things don’t go our way we’re worried. And when things finally come our way, we find thousand and two reasons not to accept it.

I see you a little scared and a little wary of all the things that are happening right now. I see how carefully you’re treading… how you put your toe first, as if sampling the temperature of the water before you get into the lake. We weren’t meant to grow roots. We are supposed to grow wings and fly.  So fly…

Remember, good things don’t happen because they have to. Good things happen simply because you deserve them.

Let life bring you happiness, let its magic be cast,
Let there be fairy dust… forever that will last.

Love always,

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