Letters with love (4)


Dear You,

I’ve always been perplexed by absence. It’s so annoying, the way we try to fill up the voids in our lives. Doesn’t it baffle you? Perhaps we all believe that we are puzzle pieces, the moment one piece goes missing, we struggle to find it or another piece to fit in the missing place. It frustrates me because I do the same. You are my missing puzzle piece and I’d be lying if I told you that I’m not pinning away to complete this stupid puzzle.

We (the chicken family and I) had a troublesome day. The tiny chick that we all dote on, went missing. I might not be the chick’s mum and neither are the other two hens and the cock, but we all panicked. It couldn’t have been the lazy cat because she doesn’t care about the birds, besides she was cooped up at home all day long with the lazy dog. I could sense the panic rise in the mother hen. After two hours of searching we found the silly chick under the Bougainvillea. The pink leaves shedding one by one hid the chick. When the family was re-united the chickens went back to their noisy clucking this time guarding the chick.

Absence can drive us mad, but all through it we keep hoping. Hoping that we’ll find what went missing… sometimes love, people, meaning in life and in this case the tiny chick.

The void that you left behind, has grown over the days…
And I can only hope that one day, soon enough, you’ll come back to fill it.

Love always,

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