Letters with love (5)


Dear You,

Sometimes when things come to an end, oddly, it can be tremendously comforting. Though the future seems uncertain, we know we are out of our misery. I haven’t heard from you since two years and I don’t know if I should hold on to us or just let go. It’s a nagging thought… you know, how you start worrying, wondering if you have locked your home after you set out on a long journey? It’s a lot like that. Frustrating and always at the back of your head.

As I sit under the Bougainvillea, its leaves rustling, there is a quietness around me. The lazy dog sits alone, older by two  years. His friend, the cat, ran away. They say cats do that… I don’t know. All I do know is that, the one left behind is always, always, the one who suffers. The chicken family added two chicks to its brood, they are thriving well.

I still dream of you sometimes, in places that I don’t remember, among people whose faces I can’t recollect… and you’re always the same, smiling, with eyes full of life.

I cannot put in words how much I’ve missed you, how much I miss you, how difficult every stinging second felt, but you never came back.

Every good thing has to reach an ending.
And we… we have reached ours.

Love always,

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