The cliché New Year post.



I’m trying really hard (haha) not to cry while typing this post, because this stupid year is coming to an end. Just kidding,  I was testing my new comic skills and I apparently have more work to do than I originally thought I would.

2014 has been quite terrible.  Yes,  it  has. Little Jacqueline passed away.  2014 was also special because the first few days of the New Year were also the last few days I got to spend with her. 2014 you make me want to kick you in the crotch and embrace you as well.

To all those who have read my posts, liked each one of them without fail,  I will try to pay you next year… When I get rich and famous.  Just kidding,  I’m not going to pay you or become modest.

To my friends: I’m always grateful that I have you around.  Thanks for being there for me when I was at my lowest this year,  for seeing through all the madness… for not running away and for all your kind words.  I stand by it,  Only words can heal the wounded soul. I love you a lot… even though I might want to box you from time to time. S, A, K, A, B, S, N, N, K… the list is long.

To my family : This year has been tough. We’ve lost our little girl and life will never ever be the same.  But, one day we’ll find the courage to deal with it. Perhaps not now.

To K: Here’s to another year of Cyanide and Happiness. You can thank me later for using your photos and making them look #radder :p with my words.
But,  yeah, yeah,  your photos  (the photos you click) and my blog posts are just meant to be. For everything else,  there’s Master Card (I just wanted to say it.  *insert sad emoticon*)

To you: That includes everyone who reads my blog.  Thank you for all the love. Writing has helped me cope with this year’s overwhelming moments.  Loss,  grief, happiness, strength, everything found a home here.
I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. I can only hope that my blog could comfort you when you needed it the most.

I turned 25 this year. I learnt to drive,  I improved my vocabulary of abuses, I tried to get fit and I failed (yaay,  one point for trying).

2014 has oscillated between good and terrible.

But,  the rose,  with its thorns, is withering now. And it’s time to put it between the pages of a book. Some day,  when I have the courage to look back at this year,  I’ll open the book and find it.

Until then, *lame joke alert* see you next year (or at night, this year, if I’m going to meet you. Sigh)
Happy New Year!

Love always,

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