The choice.

wpid-2015-01-19-02.16.30-1.jpg.jpeg“Love is a choice”
And we wake up every morning and subconsciously choose.
Yes or no.

We fly over seas, plains and plateaus.
Sit in uncomfortable seats, with our long legs jammed in between chairs.
We deal with annoying situations and people,
Only because we know, that someone waiting for us is worth all this trouble.

We wait endlessly for messages or phone calls,
Even when we know we aren’t going to receive one anytime soon.
We deal with anger and irritation and still learn to be kind.
Because what we have is not worth ending over an irritating situation.

There will be fights, there will be crazy nights,
But we’ll deal with it.
Because love is not easy.
Love is not always kind.
But it’s a pretty good choice to make.

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