Going back in time.

It happens one fine day,
Randomly and in the midst of things.
You wake up to the feeling of nostalgia.
As the smell of your childhood slowly wafts into your room, you’re immediately transported to the past.
That first time you rode your bicycle without your training wheels,
The death of your first pet and the guilt that followed,
The joy of your first wheelie and the terrible gash that came along.
The time you decided to chop your hair, secretly, in the shadows of your room.
The way you looked after you realised that a 6-year-old makes for a terrible hairstylist.
Your first love,  your first heartbreak and the million others that followed.
One day you’ll wake up to the urge of going back to the past,
And while you might feel like you’re drowning in all those memories,
You’re actually learning to swim.

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