I’ve woken up from my peaceful sleep with a throat too dry and eyes too red.
My hair is in a mess, mirroring my thoughts, I guess.
I bump into a chair as my eyes continue to get used to the darkness.
You’re out-of-town and so is my heart.
As you packed your bags today, shirt after shirt followed by your trousers… right at the second when you looked away, my little traitor heart silently slipped inside your bag…
Under the navy blue shirt, right next to your grey trousers.
And now I’m sitting here, in the middle of the night, half awake-half asleep,
Wondering what you’re doing with a bag full of clothes and a sneaky little heart.
As the rut rut of the merciless fan slowly lulls me to sleep,
I think of you again.
You have my heart, keep it safe.

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