Walking contradiction

No matter how prepared you think you are, when the moment arrives, it will always leave you a little shattered.

I vaguely remember reading something on the same lines a couple of days ago. And with experience I can tell you that it is always, always true.

These days, I find myself worrying about things that I can’t change. My parents are getting older, I live on memories of a loved one who passed away a year and four months ago, my brother lives on the other end of the world… and with each passing day I’m changing. I feel I give in too much and then again, I know I hold back on so many things. I hate conflict, but I find myself starting one quite often. I’m a living contradiction.

Worry consumes most part of my time these days. So, I’m writing this with the hope that I can read it from the eyes of a stranger. Completely disconnected, yet exasperatingly connected. ‘What is the point in worrying, when something has to eventually happen,’ I softly tell myself.

I’ve said this before and for all one knows, I am the one who needs to believe this the most.
Life is for today.
Perhaps we could save worry for tomorrow?

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