The price.

I’m going to ask you something today. It’s very important that you answer… that you answer honestly.

Have you ever felt the thrill of love wash over you, take control of you and provide you with the high, like the first time you got drunk? As you put down that bottle of rum, there was so much chatter and laughter around you. But only you, you alone knew how crazy it felt. As the urge to throw up welled up in you, the buzz in your head kept you distracted. It was daunting at first, you felt like your head was spinning, but when everything calmed down, when the high began to settle, you started to see clearly too.

Tell me, tell me now. Have you ever felt the wave of happiness gently caress your feet? Have you ever felt a great fear, that you’re setting out into deep waters, somewhere you can’t return from? Have you felt a surge of emotions… a few that you couldn’t comprehend?

Do you remember when you longingly looked at him and knew, you just knew, that he belonged with you and not to you? It was so easy to get swayed away and distractions were many, but when he held your hand, did you feel a peace that you had never known before? Did anyone ever tell you, that your heart is the price you will always pay for love?

I need to know, I need to know now.
So tell me, have you ever lived a little, have you died a little too?

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