Falling fast and falling free

Falling in love sometimes happens faster that getting your coffee at a coffee shop

On one random day, you walk into a coffee shop and someone’s life. Just like that. It’ll be as easy as your coffee order, a cappuccino with one and a half packets of sugar.

No, there will be absolutely no signs, if that’s what you want to know. It’ll appear out of no where, like that ditch on the road – sudden. You might uselessly try to brake, but your screeching vehicle will anyway land you in it.

It’ll be a lot like tightrope walking. Quite dangerous and unnecessary, if you ask me. But, the stupid adventurous side in you will want to try it anyway. And so you will walk the rope, struggling to balance until you reach the other end. Yes, it’ll be thrilling.

You’ll spend 1/4 of your life longing for the moon, when a tiny little star struggles to get your attention. And when it finally does, everything else will fade in comparison. You’ll never understand what makes your star so special.

You know that feeling of walking into a maze for fun and then really getting lost? This will feel like the relief that washes over you when you spot the exit. Yet, there will be times when you wish you were lost again.

I could write you 567 notes on love.
But, from what I know, even 567 notes will never live up to what it actually feels like.

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