A walk back.


I plucked a leaf out of the tree of memories and it turned out to be one that belonged to you.

One must really learn to live in the present, but I often find myself going back in time and living with a memory.
Today, it happened to be yours. There was a time when going out with friends, especially when you were alone, meant trouble. We had to rush home because you would bark and whine if we got late, so we would get home and stay with you. Holidays as a family was something we could never take because, 1) without you the family would be incomplete. 2) One of us always had to stay back with you. We can now take family vacations, but we will never be complete because you aren’t here.

There is no need to rush home these days… no need to worry about what you might be doing, whether the cat scared you again or if you liked your lunch. There is no need to worry about the plants that are now thriving, thanks to the lack of interference from your part. But yes, there is an emptiness that can’t be explained. A space that only you can fill.

No, this is not a sad post. This isn’t a post that is meant to break us down.
This is just a memory.
This is my memory of you and for that it will always be dear.


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