If I could tell you all that I’ve always wanted to, it would take you by surprise. It would leave me in peace but with a dollop of regret.

Sometimes I wonder how the world would be if we didn’t have any restrictions. If we didn’t need to keep our emotions in check, if we didn’t have to think a thousand times before we hit the ‘send’ button. Would we be much more tolerant of each other’s feelings? Would we understand that just because someone feels so much, or is so passionate about something or someone, it doesn’t necessarily make them crazy?

Sometimes, on days when my head is not clouded by thoughts, I shed my inhibitions. It doesn’t matter if you understand why I need to see you or call you to hear your voice immediately… I will do that anyway.  It doesn’t affect me if you think that I’m too emotional… I will be emotional anyway.

We’re both free.
So why should my thoughts and feelings be caged?

2 thoughts on “Free.

  1. A pattern has emerged and we follow it. You do not know the real me and I don’t know the real you. We have masks. But yes what if we weren’t caged and could be open and true. The world would be a different and a better place,right?


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