On the run


It’s very easy.
You pack your bags, fold every piece of clothing that you own, except those that he gave you. Those you leave behind…
Like the memories you made with him.
You take a bus, a flight, a train or even better drive… drive far, far away.
You never look back, except now and then in the rear view mirror.
As the past gets smaller just like the lane that has gone by, you drive faster.
Faster and faster, far away from him, far away from the air he breathes in.
You’ll wipe your eyes, push away his thoughts and drown in the silence of the night.
It won’t matter, because you’ve become immune to a life like this.
You have always been running away from life, away from love, away from heartbreak…
One day you’ll tire out, one day you’ll stop running… that day life will catch up with you and so will love.

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