For you.

I wish you nothing but joy.
I hope you have the courage to make all the right choices, even if they are tough, especially if they are tough.
I want you to learn to be enough for yourself. To accept yourself just the way you are, with your mood swings, your ridiculous way of hoping for better things and the way you roll your eyes.
You’re amazing and don’t you ever think otherwise.
You might never be enough for anyone and that’s fine.

I want you to remember all the times that your heart was broken, remember how it felt, how shattered you were… so be kind if you have to break someone else’s heart.
But then don’t forget how it felt when you got better… when the broken heart started healing and you could finally breathe again when you heard his name.
I hope you never stop learning and I want you to always thirst for knowledge.

The world is huge, sometimes dark and scary and if you can lighten up someones life then go all out.
You are made of a million beautiful things and so what if some part of you is damaged and broken, there is beauty in everything you do.
I hope you find the strength to smile despite all the trouble.
I wish you nothing but joy…
And the strength to always carry on whenever you can’t find any joy.

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