The journey.

Love is pretty complicated.
It’s this really confusing journey and before you even decide if you want to go on it or not
Your stupid heart has already packed its bags and left.
The sane thing would be to just let it go and get lost,
But then you decide that you’re going to bring back that delinquent heart of yours and so you set out.
One thing leads to another and then you find yourself hopelessly on that journey with a one-way ticket and a road that will only take you forward.
To make things worse you find that you’re never actually going to get back that ridiculous heart, as it already belongs to someone else.
Of course all of this is just figurative but you do realise that it’s exactly what happens each and every time you fall in love.
I guess there is no escape. Once you’re on that journey there are just two stops.
And you can only hope that heartbreak-stopĀ is not where you’ll be getting down.
Because even though that heart makes a fool of you each time, you know it’s also not worth seeing it break.
So here’s that one-way ticket,
I hope the journey is worthwhile.

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