Monday musings.


It’s really not easy and you know it. Sometimes he annoys you and you can only roll your eyes and do whatever you can to stop yourself from punching him.

He’s irritating, he likes his coffee a little sweeter than you do, but that’s not bothersome. It’s rather interesting to watch him sip his coffee and make a subtle slurping sound. Then you think about other’s doing the same and you know you’ll want to scream at them for being uncouth. He, he’s an exception.

It’s a simple kiss on your forehead and it’s not even remotely sexual, but you know it sends shivers down your spine and there are crackers going off in your head. No you’re not sick, it’s a heady mix of endorphins and dopamine.

You know how that orange candy leaves behind a stain in the palm of your hands? He leaves behind his mark in your life and sometimes on your body. Both a feeling of pleasure, and you can’t decide which one you crave for more.

Darling, he’s your need and your want.
He’s the calm and the God damn storm.
And there is no shelter from him.

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