Leftovers of last night-II

I can hear you mumbling in your sleep, and I can’t help but smile at the thought of you wrestling with the bedsheets. You’re saying something, and I have to close the tap and strain my ears to listen to your voice.

Did you know the sunlight that filters into the room, highlights your eyes? Those beautiful eyes of yours, those eyes that always have so many questions.

Did you notice too? The way our clothes lay on the floor… In a pattern that I’m sure will remind you of tetris. A bit of me, then you and then me. As if you can map the pattern of urgency from last night.

I try not to wake you up, but I can barely stop myself from humming. Then I call out your name, I can hear the shuffling of clothes. I’m hoping you aren’t planning your escape route. I put down the aftershave and slowly step out.

And you…
You’re gone.
Empty room, empty heart.

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