It’s another day, another moment and another month. The day slowly spills into the night and the night can’t seem to wait to spill into the day. And then there’s this longing… this longingĀ  that doesn’t seem to go away.

How cruel it is that we can only wind back our clocks, time however, eludes us. And we, we remain stuck in that moment forever. Like photos, a distant memory of us laughing over burnt toast.

But then the longing is back. The burning desire to hold you in my arms, to kiss you senseless, to be lost in you and only you. To be a stranger to the world, to find every other face uninteresting and to listen to all the stories that you breathe.

The line between wants and needs is blurred, as if they were never separated at all. The want to be touched and the need to be caressed. Skin on skin, lips that explore every inch of my body and the subtle rhythm of your beating heart. Wants and needs. Needs and wants.

I’ll wait. I’ll wait, until that longing is met with equal passion.
Until time will freeze and moments will stop.
And the longing will be gone.

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