I’ve packed my bags, with all the essentials.
Clothes, toiletries, your words and an  incredible number of memories.
The taxi is here and no, he isn’t honking,
He doesn’t seem to be in a mad rush, for now he seems content just waiting.
In a while I’ll be gone, far from this home and the city that conceived us.
I’m running away and I really don’t know why.
In an hour I’ll be gone, in an hour you’ll stir awake and find an empty house.
And no, I won’t leave letters behind, aren’t memories enough?
Years from now we’ll probably bump into each other in a city we never dreamt of,
With people whose faces we can’t conjure up right now.
We won’t say hi, we’ll smile and move on like strangers who meet on unfamiliar streets.
I look at my watch. I take a deep breath.
It’s time to leave.
I kiss you, one last time.
And I hold back a tear, as I walk away from the only thing I love.

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