A lot like love.

I love that thin line between dusk and Dawn. That time, when I’m sure
the sun is contemplating about waking up. But this is really not about me. This is about you; for you.

As you stir beneath the sheets in a manner that I’m beginning to get used to, I try to stifle a laugh. You look so peaceful while you sleep, that’s if one is to ignore the occasional mumbling and your mouth that no matter what, won’t shut.

What goes on in your mind? How are your thoughts so intense? You remind me of a kaleidoscope – beautiful and  complex – with a thousand thoughts that run free. And I really can’t seem to tell which one I love the most.

You fit in my arms with ease, but it’s the heart where you occupy most of the space and no, I’m not complaining.

If it’s a war of wants and needs and you’re a want, that I’m willing to forego the needs. There is a certain madness in risking everything, if it means that I’ll receive the antidote to my chaos.

I can’t wait for more dawns, dusks and everything in between with you.
But first we’ll have to do something about your snoring.

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