Coming home.


You’re coming back after years, to a place you once called home. To a city that was familiar, to a house where memories are now frozen in every corner.

You’re coming back home. To a place that has changed over the years.
The curtains are new, the walls are of a different colour and the doors don’t creak anymore.

You’re coming back home. Where people have changed. They’ve grown stronger, weaker and older. Your pet dog isn’t there to welcome you anymore, but I swear you can still feel her warmth. Your parents have become older, you can tell by the way they walk and by the way wrinkles have settled into their face, making them much more beautiful. Your sister isn’t the same she was,  when you left.

You’re coming back to a place that might not look exactly like what you left behind. But a place that’s anxiously waiting for you. And people who can’t wait any longer.

The drought has been here for long.
And now it’s time for the rain.

2 thoughts on “Coming home.

  1. It’s so well said, that the thoughts, expression and feelings are well written that only a person who has missed someone for over a period of time and the joy of the loved one coming back home. And in the due time having lost his shadow the most loved Jacqueline ( Jackie) .Mum’s out burst n pop’s silent pride n joy all well said.God bless and the guardian angels away be with you’ll. 😍


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