Coming home – 2


As the aeroplane begins to leave the runway, there’s a strange feeling that takes over.
I’m happy, nostalgic and overwhelmed. The feeling of coming home, after years, is overpowering. As if all of a sudden I want to laugh, cry and smile at the same time.

When I packed my bag and was ready to leave home the last time, I tried to memorise everything. The faces, the way they smile and the small change of emotions. The old walls, the comfortable smell of home and the memory of playing around the dining table – I saved it all.

I know the house doesn’t look the same anymore and time has changed us all; and though I wish we could pick up from where we last paused our lives, it seems like the fast forward button has been pushed too many times. When I look over the city I now call home, I realise that we’ve all grown up apart, but we have grown together.

And as the plane takes off,
it finally begins to set in.
I am coming home.

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