Heaven and hell.


No means no. You’ll have to be firm with your own heart. Be strict. You can’t let it wander and so you’ll have to lock it and let it sit in a cage that is too small to hold it.

You’ll have to ignore his presence, how is it possible, you ask? I don’t know. As he walks past you, igniting your senses, you can’t tell if it’s the smell of his perfume that is making you giddy or that heady mix of sweat, smoke and his lingering presence.

You’ll want to run away, something you always do. But this time you can’t, because he’s the pain, but he’s also the comfort. When your eyes meet despite the hundreds of people in between you both, you can’t help but smile like a fool. It’s absolutely ridiculous how he turns you into a gooey mess of silliness.

I’m sorry love, but this is how it ends.
You can choose to be friends and perhaps he’ll like it too, but you?
Only you’ll know the troubles of your silly heart.
He might be heaven, but he is your hell,
And you, you are damned to eternity.

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