Taking a chance.


I’m watching the rain drops race against each other on the window pane.
What does that have to do with what I’m going to tell you? Nothing.
I wish I had a steaming cup of tea in my hand, then again, I wish you were here.

Have I told you this before? The thought of falling in love with you is so terrifying that I’d rather sit in a room filled with butterflies. Well, not a room filled with butterflies, perhaps a gigantic room with one butterfly and a huge open window. And you know how much that would terrify me.

Thinking about giving you my heart and hoping that you won’t drop it and break it, is  scary. It’s another thing that I have already handed that stupid heart to you (strictly metaphorically) , along with whatever little sanity was left in my life.

You’re wonderful, you really are, which is what makes this falling in love business that much more scary. You give me so much, but you hold back too. It’s like a kite. You let go of the thread and that helps the kite soar high, but you always hold some part of it back to keep it from flying away.

Let me in, darling. Let me see your scars completely.
We’re both in this together and I can’t stand out for so long, because it’s beginning to get cold.

I’m petrified of the prospect of falling madly in love with you.
But that process has  already been set in motion.
And there is nothing I can do about it.

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