The yearning is back.

We’re at different ends of the world with time zones that are obviously crazy. I sleep when you’re awake and you’re sleeping when I’m busy at work. In between all these crazy hours and miles and miles of distance, there are words and sometimes love that is being carried to you.

Some days they arrive soon, other times they take a day and sometimes a day turns into another one, but they don’t arrive. I wait, not too patiently… I wonder if you do too.

As I wake up in the morning, sometimes early and sometimes after my alarm is tired of crying out, I think of you. I wonder what kind of sights you’re seeing, the bright summer sun, forests, rivers everything you’ve dreamed of. When the thought of you begins to seep into my mind, I try to distract myself, because that’s not how 26-year-olds behave. Then I dive into the white noise, for the rest of the journey because my thoughts begin to drown the music that’s playing.

The mind is such a tease, sometimes it replays memories just to throw you off guard. You try to push them away but they’ll find a way into your life. You can get so busy that you forget to eat, but you won’t forget about them. You  can hang out with friends and family and watch movies and cloud your brain with unnecessary information, but the thought about him will scream out at you like a neon light. You might ignore but you can feel the glare of the light burning through your eyes.

The yearning is back. To meet you, to see you and to hear your voice.
The yearning is back to hold you, hug you and finally say hi.
The yearning is back…
When will you?

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