Missed connections.

The path that my mind takes, baffles me. I really like tea, it’s my thing, but then the idea of coffee is so tempting… I give in.¬†

I think that’s how we met. I didn’t want you. I disliked you with a passion, for no reason other than the fact that I simply wanted to. I liked tea and you were coffee.

You were there, annoying… mainly because you did nothing. Mainly because you completely ignored my presence. On days when I decided to dress up, and that would include just letting my hair loose from the shackles of the band that held it tight, you looked right past me.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t spend my entire day thinking about you and how you refused to look at me and smile with those beautiful eyes of yours. But I thought of you now and then. When the tea in the cup was slowly beginning to stop after a session of stirring, it reminded me of your eyes.

And then I moved on. Another city, another job, another life, whose call I couldn’t refuse.

We kissed just once and let’s be honest, that was all an accident. You were drunk, I was there, you thought I was someone else and I didn’t bother to correct you. I could taste the whiskey that delicately coated your mouth and boy, I was high. When we stopped and you realised who I was, you still leaned in for another kiss. Who was I to fight that, I kissed you back, this time pressing into you with a passion so urgent, that my full weight was against you.

But then life called. And so I answered.

We’re miles apart, separated by roads, rivers and a sea.
But I  still think about you.
Your dreamy brown eyes, those long lashes and your really adorable smile.
We don’t own anyone.
But for that moment,
I’d like to believe…
You were all mine.

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