Quiet noise.



There is a strange restlessness growing. Like the distant murmur of the sea on a simple summer afternoon, when a lonely seagull is the only one that is soaring in the sky.
You’re far away from the beach, but you’re driving and getting closer to the shore. You don’t know what to expect, but there is a sense of excitement and a slight nervousness that is beginning to set in.

The sea is beginning to reflect your thoughts – rough and dangerous, threatening to destroy everything that comes in its way. But then there are days when everything is so calm that you begin to worry. Is there a storm brewing and most importantly, will you survive it?

It has started to drizzle; the rain drops are only getting bigger. You look for a way to escape this, but you can’t see beyond the windscreen because the rain is hitting you in full force.
It dawns on you then:
There is no escape from this.
The only way out,
Is through the storm.

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