Some days

On some days the sun will shine brighter, or it will rain a little longer, if that’s what makes you smile.
The birds will be a little more chirpier and will sing you the song of their kind.
Some days you’ll get lucky: You’ll get extra fries, a stranger will smile at you or a puppy will tug at your laces and your heart,
Some days might end way better than you expected, so what if it had a bad start?
Some days your hair will be perfect, you’ll reach work on time and that cutie will say hi,
You will find happiness embrace you and sadness will be hard to come by,
Sometimes those days might not be easy to come, some days it’ll take time,
But I hope they happen often to you and when they don’t, I hope you can hold on.
May the rainbow be extra colourful on your rainy day,
May the thorns disappear along your way.
May everything good happen to you,
And may you find happiness and peace in every single thing you do.

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