Gestures big and small

Dear You,

We often go through life hoping and praying for big gestures.

That grand proclamation of love, him singing a popular Frankie Valli song that melts your heart, in front of a hundred strangers.

A beautiful proposal, over dinner or lunch or whatever meal you love. With flowers, chocolates, puppies or even a bloody howler monkey.

That big romantic airport gesture, where he magically gets past security and yells out how much he loves you. And you melt into a puddle because you love him too, but mostly because he’s getting dragged away by security.

But baby girl, do you not see that the biggest gestures are always the ones that don’t happen out in the open?

They are the ones that happen in the privacy of that beautiful café you visited twice, yes the one where surprisingly there aren’t many people. The one where the puppies outside were too lazy to heed to your loving calls.

The biggest gesture is choosing you, over and over again. During the good times and especially during the most dangerous storms.

The biggest gesture is fighting for you, even when the easiest thing to do is to walk away.

So answer this my darling,

They can sing their way right into your heart with their beautiful voice,

But what happens when the song ends?

Always on my mind.

As you were.

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